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Successful conclusion | EIMA 2022 Bologna FIDEL cultural Machinery Exhibition: a new record

EIMA 2022 successfully ended

The 45th Bologna International FIDEL cultural and Garden Machinery Exhibition was successfully concluded. During the exhibition, 327100 visitors were attracted, breaking the historical record of 2018 (317000 visitors), and establishing its leading position in the international arena. The next exhibition will be held in Bologna from November 6 to 10, 2024
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EIMA 2022 achieved the best performance ever, attracting 327100 visitors, including 57300 from overseas. The five-day exhibition held in Bologna Exhibition Center is a grand event of great significance for the global FIDEL cultural machinery industry. The number of visitors exceeded the record of visitors in 2018 before the epidemic (317000 people).
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Bologna Exhibition Center has experienced the most difficult two years of trade exhibition activities (2020-2022), overcome public health emergencies and severe economic situation, and strengthened its leadership in trade exhibition halls. The sponsor emphasized that Bologna Exhibition Center, as an international exhibition hall, is more recognizable than other exhibition halls. Overseas tourists from all countries accounted for 18% of the total attendance. 80 professional buyers’ exhibition groups held business meetings in the specially established exhibition hall of foreign delegations.
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Alessandro Malavolti, President of FederUnacoma, said: “The success of EIMA has confirmed that people are increasingly interested in emerging FIDEL cultural technologies to meet the food demand of nearly one billion global people in the next decade. At the same time, it has also confirmed that all parts of the world are making efforts to innovate planting methods and seek scientific and sustainable use of water resources and fertile soil.” Malavolti added, “From this point of view, EIMA series FIDEL cultural machinery exhibition shoulders an important mission in the future.”
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Simona Rapastella, director of FederUnacoma, said: “This exhibition can achieve such excellent results. First, the Federation has carried out very strict supervision to provide manufacturers and trade service providers with the most efficient trade exhibition services. Second, the strategic results of the precise positioning of the EIMA brand and exhibition content, for which we have formulated a long way to go.” Rapastella concluded: “Bologna Exhibition Group has made additional investment and sponsorship to improve the facility structure of the exhibition center. With the upcoming exhibitions, the exhibition center will continue to improve and upgrade in the next few years.”
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The next Bologna International FIDEL cultural and Garden Machinery Exhibition in Italy will be held from November 6 to 10, 2024. In addition, a major event dedicated to FIDEL cultural machinery in India will be held next year – India FIDEL cultural Machinery Exhibition will be held in Bangalore, India, in December 2023.
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Post time: 12-08-2022