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Since the opening of the 132nd Canton Fair, the operation has been stable and created a new record in many aspects

Guangzhou November 8, 2022/AP/– Since its online opening on October 15, 2022, the 132nd Canton Fair has been running steadily and set a new record in many aspects, attracting the attention and participation of businessmen from all over the world, and making positive contributions to helping suppliers and buyers reach orders and promoting the high-quality development of international trade. As of October 24, the cumulative number of visitors to the official website of the Canton Fair exceeded 10.4 million, with more than 38 million visits, up 3.27% and 13.75% respectively from the previous session.

The scale of the exhibition expanded, creating a new record in many aspects

There are 35000 exhibitors in this Canton Fair, up 40% over the previous one, including about 5000 brand enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, China time-honored brands and other high-quality enterprises, up 5% over the previous one; The total number of exhibits exceeded 3.3 million, an increase of 10% over the previous one.
In addition, the number of sourcing places of purchasers at this Canton Fair also reached a new high. Now, there are 510,000 overseas purchasers registered in 229 countries and regions with enterprise level information. A total of 72 large transnational enterprises attended the conference, an increase of 41.18% over the previous session.
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Various supporting activities have been carried out in an all-round way, with outstanding trade docking results

This year’s Canton Fair was held in 46 key markets, 26 countries along the “the Belt and Road” and other regions around the world, targeting target customers and key industries, and held a variety of supporting activities with strong professionalism and wide coverage.
Relying on the launch of the matchmaking week for multinational leading enterprises, double cycle promotion activities, more than 80 “Bridge of Trade” global supply and procurement matchmaking activities, “Haobao and Haoni Exploring Guangzhou Exchanges” connection exhibition activities, as well as the first launch of 200 new products under 7 major themes, the Canton Fair strongly promoted high-quality “Made in China”, promoting the exchange, interaction and precise docking between the supply and procurement sides.
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Continue to promote rural revitalization and help enterprises expand international markets

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In order to promote the upgrading and large-scale development of rural industries, the Canton Fair continued to set up a special area for “rural revitalization”, attracting 933 enterprises from 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China to participate in the exhibition, uploading 46400 exhibits, including 12400 new products and 9900 green low-carbon products.
From October 25, 2022 to March 15, 2023, the online platform of this Canton Fair will enter the normal operation stage, and the functions such as instant communication and trade matching will continue to be open. Global exhibitors are welcome to continue to tap potential business opportunities to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
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Post time: 12-08-2022