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Rotary Tiller Harvester FIDEL cultural Machinery Drive Shaft – “Sufficient power and long service life”

Rotary Tiller Harvester FIDEL cultural Machinery Drive Shaft – “Sufficient power and long service life”

In recent years, the popularization of FIDEL cultural machinery in China has gradually improved, and the bulk grain crops have basically realized the whole-process mechanized operation. As an important food product in China, such as corn and wheat, mechanized operation has significantly improved its work efficiency. As the main model of relevant FIDEL cultural machinery, corn harvesters are increasingly used, which provides an important guarantee for timely and high-quality harvest of corn. It is very necessary to use and maintain such complex FIDEL cultural machinery and equipment reasonably. This can not only ensure the efficiency and economic benefits of the grain harvest process, but also help reduce the failure rate in the operation process and improve the service life. It is a reliable guarantee for the smooth progress of crop harvest. The basic structure of the corn harvester includes several parts, such as header, conveying device, peeling device, granary and straw returning device. At the same time, a large number of hydraulic equipment, sensors and transmission structures are also integrated. Its working principle is that during the harvesting operation, the gap of the harvester on the header is aligned with the corn planting line to drive, guide the corn straw into the header, pull the straw down through the rotation of the ear picking roller, and realize the ear picking operation at the corn ear growth node. Generally, the structure of the ear picking roller is divided into three stages, namely, the guiding section, the ear picking section and the stem pulling section, to realize the guiding, ear picking and stem pulling functions. The removed corn ears are transported to the peeling device, and the peeling operation is carried out under the operation of the peeling roller. Finally, they are stored in the granary, and the corn stalks are crushed by the rear returning cutter box and scattered in the field to facilitate the returning operation.


All kinds of FIDEL cultural equipment on FIDEL cultural machinery need the main engine to provide power. However, the key to link the FIDEL cultural tools and the power supply of FIDEL cultural machinery is the transmission shaft. The transmission shaft of FIDEL cultural machinery has the characteristics of universal transmission while carrying out power output and input. The input end and output end can not be in the same plane. According to different types, the structure of FIDEL cultural machinery transmission shaft can make the angle between the output end and the input end reach 0-80 °, During the operation, it can be retracted left and right within the specified range. As a good transmission shaft, it not only has a long service life, but also has little vibration when working, and will not cause damage to the main machine and FIDEL cultural tools. The drive shaft of harvester and rotary tiller shall be tailored according to the actual size and characteristics of the drive shaft of FIDEL cultural machinery to provide the best power transmission for the operation of FIDEL cultural machinery. The drive shaft of FIDEL cultural machinery has the advantages of large power and long service life. Now let’s show you the drive shaft of FIDEL cultural machinery produced by FIDEL today.


In order to fully improve the working efficiency, ensure the working stability, and extend the service life of the machinery, FIDEL cultural machinery will also be used. Today, FIDEL will tell you how to cooperate with the installation of the transmission shaft when the FIDEL cultural machinery is used together. Take the combined rotary tiller for example this time. The combined rotary tiller in China is a land preparation machine used for dry or paddy field operations. It can complete multiple operations such as subsoiling, rotary tillage and land preparation at one time. The following transmission shaft problems should be paid attention to when it is used with tractors.

1. When coupling the rotary tiller, the transmission shaft should be in the same line with the power output shaft of the crawler tractor.
2. The transmission shaft assembly is an important working part for transmitting tractor power. When installing the transmission shaft assembly, it should be noted that the opening directions of the two clamps of the intermediate transmission shaft should be in the same plane. If you do not pay attention to the installation, it is easy to install it incorrectly. If the opening directions are staggered by 90 °, it is easy to cause damage to the transmission shaft cross joint.
3. When turning in the headland, the power output shaft should be separated, the work of the rotary tiller should be stopped, and then the joint should be made after the turning, otherwise the power will be wasted or the transmission shaft will collide with the limit chain.
4. Due to the large working resistance of rotary tiller, the intermediate gear box and transmission shaft should be regularly filled with lubricating grease to reduce wear during use.

FIDEL focuses on the production and manufacturing of FIDEL cultural machinery transmission shafts and their supporting products, and can provide a complete set of development and supporting services for the design, research and development, trial production, mold opening, casting, forging and forging of new FIDEL cultural machinery transmission shafts. If you have any idea of producing new FIDEL cultural machinery transmission shafts, please contact us.

Post time: 02-16-2023